No Wonder They’re so Confident, I thought

French women. The phrase connotes images of sophistication, savoir faire and understated beauty. They don’t wear tons of makeup or baubles. They smoke and eat fatty cheese. They talk in husky voices like Edith Piaf. Whatever they do, they are sexy.

Those are all stereotypes, of course. I’ve been to…

Can it positively affect vaccination rates?

I’m a civil libertarian. That means I believe in personal freedom and the rights of each individual, even when I disagree with their choices. I’ve been this way since I was a kid — I was often socially ostracized because I refused to buckle to peer pressure. I was lonely…

I was not rude to you - didn't call you names. I don't need you, and have happily blocked you.

In a cab during Monsoon season

People avoid India during monsoon season.

It’s not the rain so much, though it does rain every day. It’s everything else. The super humidity that makes everything steam when the sun comes out. Heat that feels hotter thanks to the moisture in the air. Frizzy hair. Puddles like miniature swimming…

Shefali O'Hara

Cancer survivor, artist, writer, engineer. Grew up in NYC, living in Austin. Love animals, books, hikes, art, travel, D&D and fireworks.

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