No Wonder They’re so Confident, I thought

French women. The phrase connotes images of sophistication, savoir faire and understated beauty. They don’t wear tons of makeup or baubles. They smoke and eat fatty cheese. They talk in husky voices like Edith Piaf. Whatever they do, they are sexy.

Those are all stereotypes, of course. I’ve been to…

And do we need to balance our good and bad deeds?

The title of this article may be misleading, since I’m not pretending I have the answers. Rather, I have thoughts and questions. If you are the type of person who demands certainty, seek it elsewhere. If you enjoy a journey down the rabbit hole, then maybe keep reading.

I’ve always…

Can we still answer the questions those borders asked?

Traveling through Eastern Europe in 2019, we crossed from Austria into what used to be part of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR). We saw the Cold War remnants of barbed wire fencing, guard towers, strong posts, and a grassy corridor. Our driver informed us that this corridor had been patrolled…

Safety first? Or family and friends?

Many people are feeling stressed this holiday season. It’s not just the usual worries getting them down. The pandemic has added a whole new dimension.

You see, families tend to have multiple generations. They may encompass a variety of health conditions as well as political viewpoints and tastes in cuisine…

Shefali O'Hara

Cancer survivor, artist, writer, engineer. Grew up in NYC, living in Austin. Love animals, books, hikes, art, travel, D&D and fireworks.

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