New York City Suffers Due to Influx of Undocumented Migrants

Food waste and lack of housing for the homeless are just two of the problems

Shefali O'Hara


A bag of uneaten sandwiches thrown away at the Row NYC hotel in Manhattan where migrants are being housed. Felipe Rodriguez; source:

Taxpayers in New York City are paying a lot for the undocumented who now call it home. Because the influx overwhelmed shelters, the city paid hotels to house them.

One such place is a four star hotel in Manhattan that costs $500 a room. Since the hotel’s over 1,300 rooms are now dedicated to migrants, this costs NYC tax payers $650,000 a day just for the rooms, but food is also provided.

The hotel gives the illegals sandwiches, bagels, microwaveable meals, fresh fruit, juice, peanuts, soda, and bottled water. Meanwhile many New Yorkers suffer food insecurity. This includes the homeless, the working poor, and the elderly.

Unfortunately, every day, about a ton of food is put into trash bags by the hotel and thrown out because the migrants refuse to eat it. I think it’s horrible to throw out meals when there are so many hungry people. Why not collect it and distribute it to those in need?

Hotel employee Felipe Rodriguez agrees. He said it was a crime to throw out so much food.

Rodriquez has not only documented the food waste, but also has taken pictures showing hov the immigrants have trashed their rooms. He’s also documented the increase in crimes committed.

During New Year’s Eve migrants fought outside the hotel.

Dumpster full of food outside the hotel — photo shot by Felipe Rodriguez, source:

An NYPD police officer who was in Times Square at the time said that the area in front of the hotel was “a total s–t show”.

So far, NYC has spent more than $3 billion for the over 65,000 undocumented that have come to the city recently. Almost 30,000 have been housed in hotels due to the shelters being full. Meanwhile homeless New Yorkers, including veterans, stay on the street.

Crime has gone up.

According to Rodriguez, while some of the migrants at his hotel are nice people, others are causing problems — they are using and selling drugs, sexually harassing people, and…



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