Some Women Suck Too

He ended up in the hospital

Shefali O'Hara
4 min readMay 29, 2022
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I know someone who is going through a divorce. Let’s call him Mike.

He dated someone, let’s call her Sandy, for a few years. She kept pushing to get married. He was unsure, partly because she had a little girl. Mike is a good guy and wanted to make sure, if he married Sandy, that the daughter would be OK with it, and that he could be a good father to her.

Mike takes marriage seriously. His own parents were married for over 40 years, until his mom died. Mike knows a healthy relationship involves a give-and-take. He is naturally more of a giver.

Sandy only made about half as much money as Mike did. After they got married, she and her daughter moved into Mike’s house. Mike continued to pay for most of the bills — she did pay for the water and phone bills. Mike was fine with that.

He was also fine with taking her on a fancy vacation once a year to exotic destinations. He’d paid for them to have a destination wedding, as well, since that was her dream.

However, Mike makes a decent, but middle class salary. He is not rich. He does well financially not because he makes a lot of money but because he manages well what he does make.

Sandy brought student loan debt to the marriage. He was debt-free, and offered to help her…



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